Monday, 25 November 2013

Do you have our Apps???

We wanted to share some information about our Apps so those of you with cell phones that want to download them, know what we have created. Our Retirement Home Cost Calculator App allows users to determine the difference in cost between living in their own home vs. living in a retirement setting. This App is available in the Apple store for IPhones at no charge for the time being. Our Free GPS App allows users to search our database of homes for contact information and will map them from their current location to the home of their choice. This works across Canada and contains information on all homes that are active on our site. This GPS App is available for IPhones and Andriod devices. Go to the store of your choice and enter Senioropolis into the search bar. Alternately, you can click on this link on our site to take you to the right place

Friday, 22 November 2013

More on downsizing............

Another thought about downsizing……when you move to a smaller home or even a care facility or retirement setting, there might be many items that you simply cannot take with you no matter how dear they are to you. Consider taking photos of those items and displaying them in a photo album. This will allow you to ‘visit’ them whenever you want. You might want to select the items you want to remain in the family and let close relatives choose the ones they want. Prior to giving it to them, consider writing up the ‘story’ that goes with it and share it with them as you pass it along for them to display in their homes. Items are that much more special when the recipient knows how important it was to you and how it came to be so special.

For a more detailed look at this topic see the article on our site entitled Relocation Basics & Downsizing Tips

Monday, 18 November 2013

Downsizing - A Family Affair!

Since downsizing is such a huge ordeal for most people, never mind how difficult it is if you are trying to clean out a house you have lived in for 50 years, we like finding little ‘tips’ that can help people as they go through this process regardless of where they are relocating to. So at various points you will see valuable ideas or suggestions that we have found helpful over the years. One such ‘idea’ that some seniors suggested to us a while ago was a great way to get rid of many household items that also involves grandchildren and other family members. Hold a garage sale, let the kids help with pricing, laying out the items and selling them – let them keep the money earned and divide up among the helpers!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Honouring Seniors

We love hearing and reading about positive things being done to honour seniors and their contributions to the world… So, this is something that I wish our Governments did more of….. Did you know that there is something called a Senior Achievement Award in Ontario that the provincial government established to honour seniors who have made an “outstanding contribution to their community after age 65”? Every year 20 people are given this award. To find out more about this or nominate someone you can visit

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Who we are....

Senioropolis Inc. is a company started many years ago, at first under the name Retirement Residential Placement Service Inc., by Esther Goldstein, a Toronto area hospital social worker. Through her many years in the field, Esther came to understand important resources for seniors and how locating information in a concise format was difficult and in many places, unavailable.

Esther set out to create a publication for herself that would make her job helping seniors and their families easier but inadvertently ended up creating something that benefited other professionals as well. The book, ‘Comprehensive Guide to Retirement Living and Long-Term Care®’ became a well-used and known resource in the Toronto area almost immediately and over the years has grown to cover all of Ontario and include all sorts of resources for seniors.

The Guide is published and distributed every January and 2014 will mark the release of the 17th edition. Several years after starting the book, as the world became more web savvy, Esther set out to create a website where this information, and more could be stored and searched through – hence the birth of!

The site has grown to cover all of Canada and includes the most extensive database of information on housing options for seniors currently. It also contains information on many types of resources and articles and information.

Over time has become very interactive as well. It now includes all sorts of photo features, videos, social media feeds – and the list grows every year. Senioropolis also created Apps recently – both a GPS and a Financial one – for cell phones across Canada. More about the Apps in a future post.

Always open to ideas and suggestions for expanding what we offer and to whom, we have decided to create this blog as a means of communicating additional information that we discover, that is informative and that can help seniors, their families and those who work with them explore and locate resources and housing options. Our hope is to post frequently so please visit us often to see what’s new!