Friday, 22 November 2013

More on downsizing............

Another thought about downsizing……when you move to a smaller home or even a care facility or retirement setting, there might be many items that you simply cannot take with you no matter how dear they are to you. Consider taking photos of those items and displaying them in a photo album. This will allow you to ‘visit’ them whenever you want. You might want to select the items you want to remain in the family and let close relatives choose the ones they want. Prior to giving it to them, consider writing up the ‘story’ that goes with it and share it with them as you pass it along for them to display in their homes. Items are that much more special when the recipient knows how important it was to you and how it came to be so special.

For a more detailed look at this topic see the article on our site entitled Relocation Basics & Downsizing Tips

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