Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Who we are....

Senioropolis Inc. is a company started many years ago, at first under the name Retirement Residential Placement Service Inc., by Esther Goldstein, a Toronto area hospital social worker. Through her many years in the field, Esther came to understand important resources for seniors and how locating information in a concise format was difficult and in many places, unavailable.

Esther set out to create a publication for herself that would make her job helping seniors and their families easier but inadvertently ended up creating something that benefited other professionals as well. The book, ‘Comprehensive Guide to Retirement Living and Long-Term Care®’ became a well-used and known resource in the Toronto area almost immediately and over the years has grown to cover all of Ontario and include all sorts of resources for seniors.

The Guide is published and distributed every January and 2014 will mark the release of the 17th edition. Several years after starting the book, as the world became more web savvy, Esther set out to create a website where this information, and more could be stored and searched through – hence the birth of!

The site has grown to cover all of Canada and includes the most extensive database of information on housing options for seniors currently. It also contains information on many types of resources and articles and information.

Over time has become very interactive as well. It now includes all sorts of photo features, videos, social media feeds – and the list grows every year. Senioropolis also created Apps recently – both a GPS and a Financial one – for cell phones across Canada. More about the Apps in a future post.

Always open to ideas and suggestions for expanding what we offer and to whom, we have decided to create this blog as a means of communicating additional information that we discover, that is informative and that can help seniors, their families and those who work with them explore and locate resources and housing options. Our hope is to post frequently so please visit us often to see what’s new!

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