Friday, 13 December 2013

More on Downsizing Tips....

Yet another downsizing suggestion which we absolutely love! Even though we found it a long time ago, we like sharing it with people (still) since it can apply to just about everyone. And you don’t have to be moving or downsizing to try it. When you are looking to pare down your clothes closet a bit do the following: “Reverse Coat Hanger Trick: We wear 20 percent of our clothes 80 percent of the time. Turn all coat hangers in your closet back to front. In the next six months, when you wear something, put it back in your closet the correct way. At the end of six months, you'll see what you've worn and what you haven't. Give away what you haven't worn.” Seems like such a simple idea but I've never read or heard about it anywhere else but in this one article quoted below.

Quoted from: “Culling Your “Stuff” Can Be Painful Task” by Ellie Kahn, November 3, 2005, The Jewish Journal


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