Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Money Talk - Contributed by Martha Rebelo

Why is it that we let money get the better of us?  How many of us buy something just because it is cheaper or a better price than a similar item we want or need? When I consider how many toasters I have bought, I am reminded of that saying “cheap stuff turns out to be expensive in the end” and I wonder if the same is true when looking at other things like care homes.  Is a higher priced home always better than one that doesn’t cost as much? In reality, homes in large cities often do cost more than homes in smaller centres however, it doesn’t always follow that the care is better or that you get ‘more’ because you pay more. Many retirement communities now have ‘extras’ regardless of where they are located. There are wonderful places all over Ontario and the bottom line cost should not be used to determine if one place is ‘better’ than the other. Potential residents should always go for a tour, try out the food, speak to other residents and even consider staying on a trial basis, before determining if it is a place they want to move to. While finances is an extremely important issue when making a decision of where to move, there are several other factors as well that are really important – consider language, culture, activities, food and most importantly care needs, when making your choices.

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