Monday, 27 January 2014

Our updated website!

If you are reading this blog, you most likely have seen our new and revised website. If you found us through some other route, please check out our site! As much as we loved our old site, we decided that it needed some updating and a way to make it accessible from any size screen. Since so many of our users have tablet or smartphones, our redesign has incorporated that and now our site is totally accessible and readable on and device! We have some neat icons that make linking to pages as easy as one click. So it’s a cleaner look and far easier to search for what you want. Keep in mind that most homes in Ontario are both online and in our book but we also have homes across Canada which are part of our online community. We also have a collection of Articles, some for all of Canada, other province specific, that are always changing. And we have resources – all kinds of resources, for seniors, families, those in their homes and others in care. If you have some time, play around with our site to see what we have to offer – and do send us feedback at any time at all. We would love to hear from you……..

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