Friday, 7 February 2014

Emergency File

So who of our readers has an Emergency File? I’d bet most of you don’t. Have you even thought about creating one? I suppose I should explain what an Emergency File is first……. An Emergency File is a nice little folder where you keep all of your important documents, phone numbers, bank accounts, powers of attorney, Will – really anything that someone would need should you become ill or incapacitated. While some may think this would be best for some older folks, the reality is none of us knows what tomorrow will bring for us. If something happens to you would your loved ones know where important papers were that would assist them in making decisions for you? Or would help them look after immediate financial needs for you? It occurred to me years ago that a file containing all of these important documents, would be a great idea. I find an accordion file works well because you can organize your documents easily. Photocopies are all that should be in there and it should be updated as needed. The person who you are leaving in charge of things if something should happen, should know where you have put this file and if possible, should know what you want if you are unable to make decisions for yourself at some point…

For a more detailed article on this see How important are your documents?

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