Monday, 28 April 2014

Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards

In addition to the many contributions seniors in Canada have made to our country, many continue to offer their services to all of us, without receiving any financial gain. Many  Canadians (often seniors) volunteer their time in many different non-profit settings. In a time of decreasing budgets, volunteers are vital in hospitals, community organizations and many other places. Millions of Canadians volunteer every year and in an effort to recognize them, our federal government has created something called the Prime Minister's Volunteer Awards. Nominations for this award are being accepted until May 9, 2014. There are 17 awards in total and organizations, individuals, groups and businesses can all be nominated in different categories. Specific to individuals who may be seniors, there is a National Lifelong Achievement Award for those who have volunteered for many years of their lives. For information and criteria about this award, visit 

Do you know a volunteer, organization or a business you would like to nominate???

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