Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Childhood Memories

Recently we took our children to the annual exhibition that comes to our city for 3 weeks every summer. I recall as a child going with my parents. There was always excitement and anticipation leading up to the day of our visit. The visit itself was full of sights, sounds and smells absent from our lives throughout the year. Everyone had their favourite treat, their favourite ride, their favourite game. The ground to cover seemed immense, the day went too quickly and the illusive prizes were cherished if we ever were fortunate enough to win one. I recall one year, going with a cousin who happened to luck into the giant dog prize and it stayed in her room for years as the colour faded and the neck sagged. The way in which she won it became folklore in our family. I think most kids today are so inundated with technology that the joy of what was simple but so very special to kids of the past, has been lost.

For this reason I continue to make that annual pilgrimage to the place that I have such fond memories of with the hope that one day, my children too will have the same special memories. With several years under their belts now, each has their favourite thing to do and special treat to eat. While a few things have changed over the years, it is mostly the same as I remember. There is still nothing quite like a fair at night, with the lights glowing, the rides moving, the people at the games calling out and asking you to take a leap of faith and part with your money for the chance to win a stuffed toy. My kids truly seem to look forward to and enjoy their visits there......still. I hope that the memories we make annually will be carried with them throughout their lifetimes. There is nothing quite like warm childhood memories to take you back to a simpler time and give you a smile when you most need it. I wonder if they too will ensure that they carry the tradition forward and take their kids when they have them.  It's an interesting thing, this annual fair. In some ways it is a bridge for me - a link between my past, my present and hopefully, my future.

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