Friday, 28 November 2014

One bad egg.....

It never ceases to amaze me how many people have no problem taking advantage of the most vulnerable in our society. Be it children or older people, there is always someone who chooses to take their trust and take advantage or abuse them in return.

 This morning I read yet another article in the paper about a retirement home that despite being denied a license, has refused to close (this home has been profiled several times in the same paper over the past couple of years). It continues to house seniors - likely without families to advocate for them - in poor conditions.

It took a long time, but a couple of years ago, the Ontario government came out with legislation to protect seniors in retirement homes. Until then the industry was self regulating and most operators did their best to offer residents housing with respect, dignity and care. That being said, there are always a few bad eggs that give everyone a bad name and so, the legislation was a welcome relief to all of us who work in the field. It truly is something every province should replicate though few have done so to date.

The Retirement Home Regulatory Authority was created to ensure that the legislation is being followed and clearly they are taking their role very seriously and appreciate the position they have been given to protect the vulnerable senior sector. However, there are still those who don't respect the authority they have been given and simply refuse to comply.

I suppose there is no legislating things like kindness and caring about your fellow human being.

On the one hand, I am bothered by news articles that only point out only the negative about an industry or profession. I suppose that is what sells papers but, it is also a very slanted perspective and doesn't allow for a  'reality check'. I worry that people reading something like what I read, would be worried about moving to a retirement home and not make a decision that would benefit them for fear of something negative happening to them. Truly there are a few bad retirement homes but many, many good ones. However, if the news media didn't publicize things like this, the public would never know what or who to avoid. I suppose the lesson from this particular situation is that we should read the negative so we know the specifics of what or who to avoid but also, keep an open mind and research the other options available.

One bad egg should never spoil it for the rest.

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