Friday, 2 January 2015

New Beginnings

Happy New Year to all of our followers! Wishing you all a healthy, happy and successful 2015!

For the past 18 years, each new year also brings a new edition of our well known book, the Comprehensive Guide to Retirement Living and, this year is no different. Next week, we will be going to our distribution house to oversee the packaging and mailing out of our latest book. It takes many many months to put together from start until finish. We usually start working on the content from about April and it takes until early December to create, review (over and over again), and get it looking perfect for press. Some of you may know that I started this book the year that my first son was born. For me, it very much is like my "4th child'" as I have watched it change and grow into a 400+ book with an anticipated annual release. 18 years, 18 books. Something I never thought possible. Each book, brings with it a 'new beginning' - every year its different and every year, we look to innovate and change it up a bit while still keeping the flavour and style of what was always intended and what our readers have come to expect. It is and always has been, a resource first and foremost - a Guide, a directory, an information source - for seniors, their families and professionals who work with them.

I haven't yet seen our latest book - while I am the creator, I do not see the finished product until it gets to the point of distribution. I am, as I am every year, excited to see it again. Here's hoping that the coming year brings growth to the publication and website, captures more users and helps many many people. Every year, every edition, is indeed a new beginning.

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