Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Best Place to Age

Where do you think the best place to age is? While there are many articles on the best country or city to age in, the reality is if you have spent your life somewhere and have roots and family in a certain city, you are not going to move regardless of how rosy a picture someone paints of another place. I'm really talking about the best setting......... home, retirement home, long-term care home... that sort of thing.
We hear a lot lately about the benefits of  'aging in place' and the theory that people are best off staying in their homes' with any necessary supports which can be increased as their care needs change rather than relocating them to a care home. Indeed, there are many resistant to relocating who will do anything they can to stay in their own homes. And while the adage 'there is no place like home' is one most believe, for a senior with care needs, this, in fact, may not be the case. I do think that many people may have a picture of a senior care home from the past that is not today's reality. I also think that what works for some, does not work for others. And while we would all like to believe that home is the best place, we should not lose sight of the seniors who are isolated, with no family visiting and no social stimulation for whom this is not a good option. Staying home is all they know, but not necessarily the best place for them to age.
Cleary, one's financial situation has a lot to do with how easy 'aging in place' is. There is most definitely a lack publicly funded resources to assist all seniors living in their own homes, as completely as most need. The more one can afford, the more private services one can employ but this does not negate the fact that even with enough supports, one may not be in the best place to age. In terms of public funding - there is home care and long-term care but really nothing in between (e.g. funded retirement homes) and for seniors that don't fall on either end of the spectrum of care needs, there is a big black hole where services should be.
With the 'silver tsunami' approaching, the notion of a spectrum of public funding to meet the needs of different levels of care is something we should all be advocating for. That issue aside, for those who do have the means to give them choices, I would encourage the exploration of options when the time comes or even a bit before. There are many private services and housing available for many different budgets, that will enable the person to be independent, socially stimulated and receive some care which may be far more beneficial than staying in one's own home alone.
As time passes, I'm certain that we will start hearing about different and innovative types of senior living that will hopefully ensure that we receive a more targeted type of senior care. For now though, there are some choices and really it's opening your mind up to options that will ensure you age well in the best place for you.

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Anonymous said...

Good advice to seek out options rather than accepting a very lonely and secluded life because of physical limitations while aging.