Friday, 15 April 2016

Is 70 the new 50?

Two news items about seniors caught my attention this week. The first was a few days ago - a 72-year-old woman spent 9 days lost in the wilderness with her dog. She was found safe and sound in good health having survived drinking from ponds and eating plants. A remarkable story of survival  and most definitely a feel-good newsworthy story. 
The second story was in today's paper. A couple who knew each other as teenagers, lost touch for over 50 years and reunited through social media, fell in love again and will finally marry this summer. Now how amazing is that? 
So why did these two stories catch my attention? Much like stories of 90-year-olds who skydive or learn how to fly an airplane, both are things we rarely attribute to 'older' people. So much of society is still ageist and our perceptions of seniors often align themselves with typical older person activities so, it really is quite refreshing to see seniors portrayed differently. The adage 'you are only as old as you feel' clearly rings true in both of these situations. And, the more we hear about seniors who are not really 'old', the more we are able to combat ageism and change the perceptions people have about what it means to be older. Retirement is not necessarily for everyone over 65. In fact, many people work well beyond that still others volunteer, travel and do many other things that fill their days and nights. Retirement has taken on new meaning as has aging. We are all living healthier longer so it is quite understandable that our perceptions need to shift. Perhaps the best way for that shift to happen is to observe our world in real time. To speak to real 'seniors'. And to educate ourselves about the trends and benefits of aging well. 

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