Friday, 7 August 2020 - our new and improved platform!

 As some of our readers may already know, we have been working on a new website for some time. An idea that started 3 years ago, has finally come to be a reality after many revisions, changes and additions. 

A few years ago I recognized that there was a need for more than what, and other sites like it, had been providing. Clearly we needed a way to amass more information in an unbiased format, to meet the ever changing needs of Canadian seniors. My original idea was to create a unique format for retirement homes where money was not a factor in their inclusion. I recognized that a membership model would allow for more extensive information being made available to professionals and consumers as opposed to the traditional model where listing information was virtually an advertisement for properties that had budgets and an inclination to post their information on a website that was not their own. 

As my idea came to fruition, I met a person who saw things differently. A year later we became business partners and my idea was advanced to a level never before tried in the sector, as we grew the concept and the site, to have many uses and many portals. We have just relaunched the site in what is its final (for now) form  and are tremendously proud to share our concept with you. 

While the membership concept still exists, it has been expanded to include data on every possible level of care for seniors - everything from independent apartments all the way to palliative care with many different levels and options in between. Additionally, we are expanding that data across the country. Our questionnaire has over 400 fields to cover every permutation we could think of!

We have also created a resource portal which we will be starting to populate shortly . We have come up with over 160 categories of services for seniors and have the ability to add more as others come to pass. What is unique about this portal is that it is, just like the housing section of the site, based on province and then city or town. Those that we list are in areas where there is senior housing in some form or another recognizing that where there are seniors, there will be resources for them. Within each area, categories will appear as they are populated, offering a 'filtering' process for those that choose to access our information (membership for use is not required). 

Our third area is consulting services. Here too, we are locating and training professionals by area/region/city who can work with seniors on any aspect of transition. We have the ability to connect people with professionals from many backgrounds and can walk them through the process of anything related to aging and transitioning. While it is private pay, it is very client-centered, unbiased and in the control of the client. Nothing is done without client consent and approval and they can determine the budget and what they want us to do for that budget. 

Our latest addition to the site, is the amalgamation of what we know to be our Senioropolis platform into Because we know that some homes do wish to 'advertise' and consumers may not need or want a membership, we have begun the process of creating a database similar to what we have on but, very much geared to consumers and the changing landscape, as people look to 'visit' homes virtually before making a trip for a physical tour. Filled with information that a consumer wants, including photos and videos, this portal will replace as of January 1, 2021. 

For the next few months we will be working on promoting this new platform, and populating it with data, as we move toward the transition (and growth) of the old site to the new one. 

A website like this one, is never static and I suppose, because of that, never really complete. We will always be looking at new ways to do things, new things to add, and innovative ideas to serve our senior population. Our goal, as always, is to be the one-stop-shop for all things senior!

Please take some time to look around; if you are a home or resource and interested in joining us, send us an email and we will be sure to get back to you ASAP. If you have thoughts or feedback, we are always open to hearing it and, what you think will make our site even better....... we encourage you to visit us often to see what's new!

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