Friday, 11 December 2020

New Year, New Websites!

 We wanted to update you on what's been happening the last few months. For those who follow us, you may know that for several years we have been developing a new website called The last little while has been spent getting things ready for our full transition as we move things from one site to the other and let our followers and advertisers know. takes senior information to a whole new level. We have two different housing databases - one sponsored and the other unbiased, covering all of Canada, with information on multiple types of housing and care levels; we are in the process of building a resource database, again across Canada, with the potential for up to 160 categories of service per city; and we have developed a consulting service where professionals assist seniors with every aspect of transition or life challenges that one may encounter. 

In addition, our sponsored housing platform has the option for homes to have us create an immersive 3D tour of their home and integrate meeting software within the tour. Most definitely an industry first and so very needed during a pandemic!

You can read more about our new site in our recent Press Release at

January 1, 2021 will see the complete transition of the existing to our new platform. 

That being said, we also have plans for - in the coming months we are revamping it and turning it into a whole new site for seniors! It will be filled with articles of interest to seniors and their families and, easily redirect those who are lost and looking for housing information, to until all of our regulars are used to the new domain. 

We encourage you to visit both sites in the coming weeks and months to see what's new and different. We promise you, both sites are unique, fact-filled, and unlike anything currently in existence for Canadian seniors and their families. 

This will be our last post for 2020 so happy holidays to all of our followers; whatever you celebrate, we wish you peace, health, and happiness.